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January and February Updates


Fun at the Campground
With the beautiful weather here in January, we tried our hand at fishing at the campground just before leaving.

Diamond, our dog, loved playing in the river behind the campground.

Beach Rental House

January 9th we moved from the RV park into a winter beach rental. We were taking a huge leap of faith to do this because this meant we not only still had an RV payment but a house payment now as well. The beach winter rental was actually cheaper than renting an apartment and it was fully furnished and had a beautiful view of the beach! We are renting the beach house through May 15th. On our way to "moving" to the beach rental, the RV slipped into a large ditch and damaged the back end of the coach. We thank the Lord that no one was hurt.

Our kids had fun digging a gigantic hole in their sand front yard with one of their new missionary friends!

Alyzsa has been having a blast with her cousin and a new friend she met who is also a missionary.

What about the RV? !!!!!!!!
On Monday we moved into the beach rental, and by the weekend, a friend, Brad Carignan, who we hadn't seen for twelve years came to visit with his family. Because we had moved into the beach rental house, we actually were able to house his family of five for a few days of rest and relaxation. The Carignans had been missionaries in Israel and Wales for the past five years. They felt like God had called them back to the US to stir up the youth in America and to start the ministry Save Our Souls (SOS). To make a long story short, after prayer and late night vision sharing, the Lord has brought our families and ministries together in a partnership to reach the youth in America as well as the unreached in the nations. The vision for the RV just expanded! Brad and Josie Carignan will be leasing the RV for the next two years! Please check out their website for the complete RV miracle story at SOS.

AIMS Annual Staff Retreat
Right after all of this exciting news came about with the RV, we held AIMS' annual staff meeting at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA.Since the second week of December, Dan had been spending many hours at the AIMS office in Virginia Beach meeting with the Executive Team and International Team putting plans together to reach five to eight "epicenters" of the world. Through these epicenters, we believe that many of the remaining unreached people groups will be reached and eventaully we will see closure to the Great Commission..."and then the end will come." During the staff retreat, the plan for the epicenters was unfolded.

It was a great time of bonding with our new staff.

Even the kids had a blast! We want to especially thank Andrea Sauer for flying all the way from Chicago,IL, with her three children to watch all of the staff children at the waterpark! Thank you Andrea!!! We love you!!!!

After the retreat, we took Andrea and the kids to the beach even though it was a bit chilly.

We spent Christmas in Oklahoma the first week of February with Dan's family. Dan's brother and family were back from Russia for a couple weeks. Dan and his brother will be doing a Pastors' Conference together in Russia in October. Dan had several meetings while we were in Tulsa with supporters and potential supporters of the ministry, including three churches with several thousand members. One of these churches is praying about adopting one of the remaining 31 unreached people groups in Tanzania. Another notable missions ministry has asked us to work on a strategic plan with them to reach Sudan. A ministry we helped start over ten years ago is getting behind us with monthly support. They donated two portable speaker boxes that will be used in the pastors conferences in Tanzania. Thank you Steve Goley and Big World Ventures..

Dan flew his mother to California to see her father who is 95 and not doing too well. It was great for Dan to be able to spend this time with his mother and grandfather. His grandfather was a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators since the 1930's.Dan was given opportunity to share at a local Christian High School chapel while he was there as well. He challenged the youth to dream with God and that they can change the world.

Maria and the kids borrowed a car and drove to Kansas to visit her family while Dan was in California. It's always great spending time with our family. Our families have really been a great encouragement to us during this time of trantision through theirs prayers, words of encouragement, and finances. We love our families!

Thank You
We want to thank all of you who have stepped out in faith with us over the past couple of months and have supported us financially. God is meeting our needs. We have about 1/3 of our monthly support raised and believe that God is still speaking to some of you to join our support team and commit to a monthly support amount. Several have given one time gifts and this has been a large source of our income for the past two months. God is faithful and will provide. If you would like to join our support team, you can donate by one of the following ways below.

Give Online and go to AIMS.ORG., click on “Donate to AIMS Online,” and type “Dan and Maria Crosby” on the space designated “Payment For.”

Make checks payable to “AIMS,”
designate to “Dan and Maria Crosby,” mail to AIMS, PO Box 64534, Virginia Beach, VA 23467-4534 OR


Year at a Glance

We held another conference for pastors in India with several hundred in attendance. We trained them in reaching their own unreached as well as trained them in a cell based structure called G12. The Indian church is getting serious about reaching its unreached!

We took two short-term trips to Brazil this year. The first was to hold an Encounter for one of the local churches that we work closely with. Dan even celebrated his 40th birthday in Brazil! (See the Director's Blogger in February for photos!) The second trip consisted of a Re-Encounter with the same church. Fuel International has been working in Brazil for the past few years, primarily since we began preparing to send the Staub family there as mid-term missionaries. The Staubs returned this summer for furlough and then in August they returned to the field with a refreshed vision to reach the unreached in Brazil. They have been partnering together with several churches and missions organizations in order to utilize a water filtration project to meet the felt needs of the people and to share the love of Jesus. Go to Staub Family to see photos and stories firsthand how God is using the Staub family in Brazil.


We sent our first mid-term team to Tanzania in January to participate in a 10 week internship. Our family joined the team for the last three weeks. The team did an incredible job. They even learned how to kill and cook a goat!

(Check out the March and April Director's Blog for more details!)

Then in the summer, we sent another short-term team to do medical clinics, construction work, and children's ministry. After planning and preparing since the fall of 2003, on September 17, we finally sent out our first mid-term team to East Africa for three years.

This team has been sent to Tanzania for just three short years for the purpose of training up national pastors to adopt and reach the remaining 31 unreached people groups in Tanzania. By the end of three years, it is our goal to have a church planting movement among each unreached people group. We are looking for 31 churches outside of Tanzania who would be willing to commit to adopting one of these 31 remaining unreached people groups in Tanzania. You can read the miraculous story of how one local church partnered together with other churches and organizations and started a church plant amongst the most difficult unreached people group in Tanzania over a four year time period at the Tanzania Story. God can take an ordinary church like yours and reach an unreached people group!

Our family spent a short amount of time in Ghana in the spring...just long enough for Maria to end up in the hospital. Thank you for all of your prayers for her. She quickly recovered. It was a pleasure to spend time with our great pastor friends there and to see the progress of the Fuel Ghana Team. You've done an awesome work team!

We had a strong youth team in Mexico this year. The team did drama evangelism along with work projects. We worked with a great church in Veracruz that has incredible follow-up on those that make commitments to Jesus Christ. This was personally one of the best trips ever for our family. Even Seth and Alyzsa were able to get involved in the outreaches!

Many of you have been reading the Director's Blogger over the past few months. Basically, to summarize quickly, we loaded our family up into a 40' RV and pulled our car, office supplies, and other necessities in a 24' trailer behind us. Our goal was to find 31 churches that would say "yes" to taking the challenge of adopting one of the remaining 31 unreached people groups in Tanzania.

Within the first month of this journey, God totally changed the avenue by which we were going to find these 31 churches. Dan was offered the presidency of a well known missions organization, AIMS. This was a very difficult decision as Dan had been Missions Pastor of Living Stones Fellowship in Indiana for nine years and had no intention of leaving. At the same time, though, we continually prayed for God to "expand our territory." By accepting the presidency, this would allow us to serve a great hero of the faith in missions and to expand our influence into many nations. After much prayer, Dan humbly accepted the presidency. Living Stones Fellowship blessed this move and has officially “planted” our family into AIMS and has released Fuel International to operate under AIMS’ covering from Virginia Beach as well. This totally rearranged our family's plans. We were not expecting this change...BUT God. So we are now living in our RV in a campround in Virginia Beach and are strategizing with a great team of people on how to reach not only Tanzania but many nations.

Fuel Staff
The majority of the Fuel staff will remain at Living Stones Fellowship to carry on the vision of missions. Congratulations to Matt and Christy Inama as they are now the new Directors of Missions and Evanglism at Living Stones Fellowship and are going to do an awesome job! Mike and Andrea Sauer and Amy Brailey are remaining at Living Stones Fellowship to help support the mission endeavors there as well. Congratulations to Joel Gratcyk as he has just proposed and will be getting married soon. He plans to further his education and will be moving accordingly. We're going to miss our staff. We had an incredible team!

Raising Support
We need your prayer support and we need your financial support. With this move to Virginia Beach, we have to raise our full support for personal and ministry expenses. We need you to pray and ask the Lord if you are to join our support team. This transition has taken place so quickly that we only have had a couple months to raise support. We have raised only 15% of our monthyly support. Here's how you can give.

Donations or Correspondence by Mail:
PO Box 64534
Virginia Beach, VA 23467-4534
Make checks payable to:
“AIMS” and designate to “Dan and Maria Crosby”
Give Online
Go to www.aims.org and click on “Donate to AIMS Online”, type “Dan and Maria Crosby” on the space designated “Payment For”

2006 Trips
We're in the process of planning 2006 trips. There will be several stateside options this year. As soon as we have 2006 Trip Information, you will receive another e-page. We look forward to seeing you in 2006!



We pray that you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We pray that the Lord would bless you and bless you indeed, that His hand would be upon you and your family in 2006, that He would expand your your area of influence, and that He would keep you from evil. (1 Chronicles 4:10 paraphrased)

Thank you for all of your love and prayers.

Dan, Maria, Seth (age 8), and Alyzsa (age 6 on Christmas Day)


Twenty States in 10 Weeks...Now What?

In just ten short weeks, we have traveled to or through 20 states in the US. Some have been by RV and some by plane. As we're on a journey to see the 31 remaining Priority People Groups in Tanzania adopted by US churches, we've been able to connect with many old friends and relationships and spend time with family. Here are some snapshots of the places we've been in November and December. Since Dan has become the president of AIMS (www.aims.org), we have also been on a campaign to raise our own personal finances as well as our ministry budget.

Tulsa, OK...
We spent Thanksgiving with Dan's mother and his sister and family. It was great for the kids to get reacquainted with their cousins. Alyza also celebrated her 6th birthday early with family since her birthday is on Christmas Day and we will be in Virginia Beach.

Dan cutting the Thanksgiving Turkey!

Touring the famous Rhema lights at Rhema Bible Training Center

Alyzsa and cousin Jacob

Alyzsa and cousin Hannah hanging out with our Golden Retriever "Diamond"

Cookie decorating time!

Father like daughter

Seth helping Alyzsa read her birthday cards

Seth and Nana (Dan's Mother) decorating for Christmas

Seattle, Washington
Our family flew out to Seattle to visit friends. We had saved up some vouchers from another trip and were able to fly for free! We intentionally went to Seattle to visit some good friends of ours from Indiana...the Davis family. They have been a huge support to our family and Fuel International and our mission endeavors.

Night life in Seattle with the Davis family

Alyzsa and Mari Davis couldn't pass up playing their favorite game together..Strawberry Shortcake

Eating pizza with the Davis boys..mmmmmm goooooooood

It was fun staying with Maria's maid of honor, Diane, and her family. Our kids enjoyed playing with their kids. Diane and her husband Dan met on the mission field in Albania. Dan is now a university professor and Diane a nurse.

Gas Park overlooking Seattle

Want some fish for dinner?

Ever try making music out of a saw before...AMAZING!

Los Angeles, CA
From Seattle, we flew to Los Angeles, CA, to visit Dan's Grandfather who is now 95. Dan's grandfather and grandmother were missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators for 30 years and helped translate the New Testament into the Mexico Indian Zapateco language. He has given us a great heritage. We asked G-Pa to pray over Seth and Alyzsa and bless them while we were there. (Anyone who donates $50 or more to us during the month of December will receive a free book written by G-Pa (Otis Leal) about his life in the Indian Village. The book is entitled Mary after Dan's Grandmother.)

Seth pushing G-Pa around

Three generations of missionaries watching the Tanzania Story video together

Dan is sharing the Tanzania story with G-Pa

We met with one of Dan's high school teachers, Mr. Kendricks, who is now principal of Hillcrest Christian School. Please pray for the school as they are in the process of buying new land to build and selling their old property. We saw the new property and will be a great step forward for the school. Thanks to Mr. Kendricks, the kids had some spending money for Disneyland!

It was great to see you Mr. Kendricks!

Tulsa Again

We returned to Tulsa and held a home meeting to share vision and raise support. It was great rekindling friendships again.

Dan sharing about our move to AIMS

Aaron and Blair are graduates from ORU and Aaron has been to Africa with us as a youth with our home church in Indiana

Jason, shown with his little girl Jayden,was apart of the Acquire the Fire when we managed it years ago with Teen Mania Ministries

Virginia at last

We left for Virginia Beach with a weekend Prayer Summit with AIMS staff near Williamsburg. The kids just had to do something with the snow before they got to warm Virginia Beach and might not see much all winter.

Now What?

We have "settled in" for the winter in our RV at an RV Park on the southern border of Virginia Beach. Our move to Virginia Beach has been sped up do to some staff changes at AIMS. We will be spending Christmas here. Dan and the AIMS staff are defining several "epicenters" in the world which AIMS will be targeting over the next few years in order to reach the remaining unreached people groups in these regions of the world. It's exciting to be a part of 20+ staff who are dedicated,committed,and have given up everything to focus in on bringing closure to the Great Commission by reaching the remaining unreached people groups in the world. It is an honor to serve at AIMS. We will still be doing a lot of traveling after the first of the year stateside and overseas.

Home for the winter

Our front yard

We need your prayer support and we need your financial support. Starting January, we will be living totally on donations from friends and family and churches like you.

Donations or Correspondence by Mail:
PO Box 64534
Virginia Beach, VA 23467-4534
Make checks payable to:
“AIMS” and designate to “Dan and Maria Crosby”
Give Online
Go to www.aims.org and click on “Donate to AIMS Online”, type “Dan and Maria Crosby” on the space designated “Payment For”

Phone: 757-226-5850
Cell: 1-219-313-7269
Fax: 757-226-5851
E-mail: dcrosby@aims-usa.org


South American Trip..By Plane..Not RV!

On behalf of Living Stones Fellowship, Dan spent a week in Brazil holding a leadership conference, a Re-Encounter Weekend, for those of you familiar with G-12 cell-based churches. Dan had an awesome opportunity to be with the Spinos family of Fruit of the Vine Ministries. They had a powerful weekend with their team of leaders at the Re-Encounter Weekend. These leaders really bonded together and God broke through by the power of his Holy Spirit. God used Dan in the prophetic in a mighty way and peoples lives were radically challenged and changed. The testimonies were awesome - One lady in her mid fifties came up after the training and said that she has always felt in her heart that she was to be a missionary to Africa!!! She had never spoken it out and that day she said, "I am going to be a missionary to Africa!!!" I think we may have another missionary to lead her church in adopting one of the 31 in Tanzania!!!!

Sunday night, after a very full weekend, God showed up again as Dan ministered to the congregation about following God's dream. The alters were full and one got saved while many others were set free to run in the dream God had given to them. Dan asked how many felt like God was pulling on them to be a missionary and about 15 people raised their hands to follow after the call to go to the nations - God is raising up Brazil to go to the nations!!!!!! the great thing is that those of you who support us in prayer and with your finances are a part of this harvest!!!!

Staubs are doing great! God has opened great doors of opportunity here in Brazil through the Staubs. Ten water filters have been placed in areas in which they will begin to open doors. Pastor Moses (pictured with Greg the filter and myself) is a missions pastor of an AG church here who is so excited about using these filters to reach the Priority People of Brazil. They are in the process of training many Brazilians to go out to the unreached.

Check out the Staub family blog to see more great photos of the Brazil trip at Staub Family